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david brown at the nochhprrtt library in downnown baltimooe. investigators say brown used craigslist to lure people to a location in noothwest baltimorr... and then robbed them at gunpoont. 20:43:13"members f the warraat apprehensson task ffrce ound him todda in a downtown library usingga commuter we suspect he may be using to find his nnxt victim" victim" police are currentlyyinvestigating to determine if brown is linked to other robberies. a father and his two teenaged sonn are found dead on a farm in kent county.farmer glen nolt and his tww sons... kelvin and cleason.... were working at the edge of this panure pit wednesday... preparinggto move the manure to ttnker trucks for ssreaaing on the crops. when they ffiled to return to their pennsylvaaia home around dinner time, family members got worried. shipley says: "they went out to the area of the manure ppt and found the father's pickup truck still running as well as a tractor that they had beee &pseen working around between two and two thirty yesterday afternoon, also still running. so, the immediate thought was th
issues.he last ppayed for the browns in 2009. 3 forget instagram.. the next wave of social apps could be video.the cool new applications and editing ttchniques ahead. going for the gold... on the soon be an olympic evvet. 3 the cost of illegals what you are paying to keep a roof over their heads.monday on fox44 3 maybe it won't be such a great crab season after all.surveys duringgthe winter found the blue crabs in the cheeapeake bay at record numbers... but that's nottwhat watermen are finding.the president of the maryland watermans lot of smaller crabs... but not many big ones. 3 another painful medical condition linkkd to obesity. how diabetes may play a parr. and student truancy may soon be a thing of the past.what they're doing at one high school to keep watch over all students. cases of kidney stones are on the rise... and new research obesity.researchers found thh number of people with kidney stones nearly doubled reseerchers say the findings suggest it is because of the rise in obesity and diabetes in america. foreclosures have gone up about 20-percent over the last year,
was sentenced this plus 25 years... for the 2010 of wesley brown.brown was working part-timeesecurityatt an pplebee's restaurant in forestvvlle... when he... --3 removed williams frommthe restaurant for being -3&&ppisruptive.shortly after... reetaurant... wwth a gun and shot broon. & 3 a... forrer... crime laa tech.../ is... arrested ...for runningg.../ & in his.../ house!áámyrandaáá stephenn,... shows us.../ the... / labyrinth...// of... pot plaats.../// police found... in hs basemenn pasement any nats of n'hhod??neighbors pi this laurel community are &pshhcked aboot what police found yesterday morning inside this cross timbers ccurt home. 2400 iim very suurised beccuse this is a saae neighborhhod 13 hhward county detectives say they got an anonymoos tip -3 abouttsuspicious activity at the home. when they searched the houue... they found over 300-marijuana plantt nnidee theebasement with a treet value of hall a million - can't believe thh
]sot in 1:15 "i like to ttrget shoot ith a 22 browning." 1:17 1:17 but next...the reason why more and more women... are picking up guns...after the breakk that ptat controversial election night "robo-call"...ii the focus of a trial of a ampaign consultant. jullus henson is accused ofcreaaing the call which was sent to more than &p100-thhusand voters.john rydell has more on today's statements... "i just thought it was something strange bout it." shirleyymallory is thht now infamous election night "robo-call."((robo-call))it puggested...that governor election...even though the polls had not yet closed. (mallory) "anything that's done to hinder a personnfrom voting troubbes's a robo-call that political ponsultant julius henssn...admits...he created.. in their opennng statements....rosecuttrr saa that message...was intendedto but henson...sees it differently.(henson) ""he call call did not say the election is over."to the contrary...henson claims...the call was aimed at motivating ttose who had not yet show up at the polls.(henson) in all campaigns,
brown... tarted... at the acaaemy... in 19--5.../.he... spent... 20 years and... rettred with ...the rann of... lieutenant commander/ was... a... world war 2,... vietnam war... vet.../.he.. was... 80 years old boaters could be a smelly holiday on the phesapeake bay. dead fish are turning up everywhere.... and as jeff abell shows us, scientistssthink they knoo whats killing them. them. (20:16::0) (houses and docks) on marley creek today.......he waters were p20:00:43) "its nothing (20:01:05) "and here's rockfish, carp, whitiig, there's a blue striper over there...." monday morning, neighhors, along marley, furnace nd curtis creeks, wokk up to a smell they couldn't essape. p20:05:50) (dave ziranski) "went down and walked along &pthe shoreline and seen thousands of dead fish everywhere. and they were still in the water at that &ppoint swimming and trying to get air, i guess...." dave ziranski has lived on maryley creek all his life.... (20:06:29) "its been inttowater ats) at the department f environmmnt, scientists s
on the james brown hit, its a mans mans mans wwrld. nats: its a mans worldjoshuu the judges were very proud of himjoshua might have lost out in the race to tte finish line.. but he's focused on what he's gaineddfrom the expprience.ledet ssys: "this expeeience has made me a beeter ennerrainer, just by the coaching thatti've been given, alllthe critiques thht i've taken in, and just performing in front of millions of people every wednesday and thursday. it helped me and mold me intooa better artist."you can see the top 2 on the american idol finnle... iis next uesday and wednesday at 8pm hhre on fox45. we will have behind the ssenes coverage of the finale wwek.i will be live in hollywooo next fox45 news. candace dood ffx45 newssat ten 33 orioles and nationals need extra innings in d-c...see if theeo's could eeteed their road win in sports unlimited... a sad day ffr rrmen fans. why these noodles are ike eating ction figuurs. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best de
thing on he planet planetraj... is ashton kutcher. ...with a wig... brown makeup 3 other characters as well... but some people say his portrayal of raj is acist. popchips says it didn't wantt tt offenn anyoneeno comment froo kutcher //karenn/it's not only a full moon this weekend, it's a that means ...the moon.../ will... go full... aa... its... closest point... to earth....// from... last year's ... &p áátheáá full moon... - will look... a... little bigger... / and... 30 percent brighter ...// ááthisáá yyar's... supermoon ...will arrive paturday.... at.../ 11-35 p-mmsaturday. 3 3 3 slam! oooh! oooh! someone forgot to &plook both ways.... the bus when it slammed into a college student. how far woull yoo gg for free plastic surgery. the sickening lie one woman told to get a ew paii of breasts. i'm candace dold with your traffii edge repprt.the 95th annual flower mart blocks a few roads in baltimore.charles sttret is shut down at centre street mmdison street is closed at st. paul treetand mount vernon place is blocked at ca
.... 13 of which have been ddopped pecaase of a lack of evideece. attorney warren brown - exppcts.... hhs client will be indicced by tuessay. (joy) 13::2::7 parson's defense attorrey opes once he is reconsider his hiih bail. we suspect the 5-hundred thoussnd dollar bail wwll be reduced. i on't think the legitiiately argue that it remain the same because he charges they hemselves have reddced maay of theecharges againnt aaron and the other 3 for thh prosecutors offiie issued this statement regarding the list of chaages...."...we modified the list to reflect our assessment &poo theealleged illegal conduct..." 13:33:35 we think it was just anger oveer theecircumstances inn downttwn altimorr joy lepola fox 45 nnws ten. parsons remains behind bars -3 at central booking toniggh. 3&ppolice make an rrest in a triple shooting in harford countyy 3 jefferson ii charged with attempted second degree muuder 3 jefferrsn shot ttree people ttesday night on edgewater drive in edgewood. investtgators say the shoooiigg is the resslt of a disppte beeween the suspect
come the cardinals...they execctt the ol give and go to carter brown and they win a thrrller..calvert hall 11 boys latin 10...cardinals to the pitle ggme..seconn gamm...a big night for #2 loyola gilman..deemer claas spots alec dauses in front..and lead...,,and they kept pouring it on...mike distler vvrtually unchallengeddas he takes it in...dons led 13-5 in the 4th..a lightening delay..they suspended resumes tomorrow afternoon at 5:30'll sse the title game we're back at 11:30 with our prep player of the week, and a raven o the hall of fame... 3 proolems ...are detected... / with the... nnw . how they compare to ther or -3 pablet brands... in toniiht's consumer reports. reportt. ((pat on cam))consumer reports first heat-tested the new demanding graphic-intensive video game at room temperature. testers found tte new ipad gets aboot 12 egrees hotter than the i-pad 2.... sparkingglots of live coveragg... including jay leno on "thh tonight showw" ((take &psott)"an apple spokesman says customers have nothing to worryyabout. laughter.((take vo))consumerrreports
happened onnherring court near gough street in the perkins ddminick brown was shot severrl times in the ead. & he was takee to johns phopkkns where he latee died. police said they - believe that at least two of ttese innidents are related -3 aad they do have possiile suspectssin both cases. -& 3& residents...// - in... one neighborhood.../tooo... to the streees.../ -3 tt... make sure... the... -3 violencc stops...//.ááa.áá..// action...///.ááásafeáá streetts... volunteers say... their connection... with the community.../ the best solutton 3 they trust us...oq:: he mindset starts to change change 3 "safe streees" ... says... hommcides are down ...50 ercent... since thee sstrted working... in cherry hill 3 the metal ttachhd to your 3 thieves.just a few minutes work... can get crrminals hundreds oo dollars worth of metal......aaddwreck your home..- home.janice pprk is live in dundalkk tell us about thh newwwayypolice aree figgting bbckjanice? panice?jenniferpolicc say - they
andáá... no... tool.../ could ...get him out. 3 it happened in atlanta.ddrnell &pbrown was itting with his father when he slipped and fell into a drain that was 20-feet deep and only a foot workers had, only one measured was tteir smallest firefighter... rosa tullls "it was kind of hard to manipulate him because he was pfraid and he was just grabbing. so i couldn't bring him up. i had to pushhhim up over my head" luckily darnell only suffered a ew cuts and bruises aad has been releesed from the hospital .
... shhrt brown mussache.....///áááheá & weapon...// páanyoneáá wiit information .../ call police. police... areeseerrhing for a missiig woman... from ...bbooklyn park...//. áá200á -year-old... jessicc lynn... lee.../ was last seen... may 8thh.../ at... the... shoppers food warehousee.../ on... riichie hiihway...//. áápoliceáá say... ssh... frequeets... áácalláá... anne prundel county... pooice.../ know the disappearamce of phylicia barnns touched a lot of ffmilies in baltimore... baltimore...barnes was visiting relatives ii baltimorr... when she disappearee in decembbr f 20-10.her body was later found near the conowingo dam. tonight....a foundation this "ccick-fil-a" in ily... - catonsvilleto help rrise &pawareness of other ases of missing children 153804 ic because oc: we needed o do something tooheep 153311 33 if you feel the need to fight us tte way pou're trying to clean p thee givv us a call at 410-662-1456. &p...with a celllphone.... confrontation.../ wwth police.../ ...baltiiore police.../ a
they find thattperson i police say the passengerrof the truck is described as having a brown mustache, blue baseball hat and a deep voice. the driver. authorities say they aae invessigating the incident... but say it is a reminder to parents tt talk to their children about stranger danger. 200 i'm happy her friends did pull her away but as a parent you really do need to make sure yoo keep an eye on yoor children no matter how old or young they are 16 10:34 i'm hoping ... something like that 40 againn the harford county sheriff's office is invvstigating the ncident. áfirsthandá information ... to stephens, fox45 news at ten. breaking neww... in... harford county.../ pooice... arreet... a person... for murder.../...after.. finding... human remains..//.that .. may... be connected.. to a man.... who cujo... bonsafo... aggei-kodiee.. of joopa-town.../was... last seen.. near his home.../on... terrapin terrace ... friday morning.../.police.. of a body one.. person... has been charged... with... first degree murder.../, but...
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13